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Our new book:  Your Dream God’s Plan.

In her new book, our founder Tiffany Smiling shares her battle with fighting childhood cancer and how God led her to rescuing children around the world. You will be inspired and challenged to lay down the dreams you had for your life to chase God’s greater plan for you!

With All My Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing the unreached and underprivileged children.

Building The Church

The greatest gift we can give anyone is the gift of knowing Jesus. It is our highest priority at WAMH to take Jesus to the ends of the earth by building and growing the local church through church planting and evangelism outreaches.

Caring for Orphans

We believe each child living in our Children’s home will grow to play a leading role in changing their community, nation, and the world. It is our job to love, teach, & equip each child entrusted in our care to fulfill the calling the Lord has for their lives.

Transforming Communities

The families who live in the villages we serve are living in extreme poverty. Through the WAMH Feeding program and Education Center we are able to transform the way of life for these families by providing resources to help them better care for their own children.



“Every child living on the street longing for a family, food, and love, deserves to be rescued. Their lives are dependent on the extent that we believe we play a part in their story.”

– Tiffany Smiling 

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