Church Planting

Bringing Jesus to the ends of the earth starts with an alive and active local church.

The With All My Heart Foundation built Hope Church pioneering a movement to equip, deepen, and grow the body of Christ through local Pastors within the countries that we serve.


Building the Church

The physical building for Hope Church is currently under construction. It will serve the community by hosting a weekly service for 1,000 people living in the community. Additionally, the church will be a chapel for the 800 children in school to learn about Jesus everyday.


Equipping Pastors

One of the primary purposes of Hope Church is to spiritually disciple and train pastors to plant churches in their communities. Hope Church is equipping 30  pastors and ministry leaders every year through our pastoral discipleship program.


Planting Churches

Our vision through Hope Church is to spread the message of Jesus and teach the word of God to all of the unreached villages of the country through our multi purpose platform. When the pastors are fully trained through our pastoral training program, we are able to assist them in planting their own churches.

Reaching the Unreached

Pastor Jeanathon Telcius is the head pastor at Hope Church Haiti. He received his Pastoral training in Charlotte, North Carolina at Charlotte Christian College and Theological School. After serving as a pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina for over a decade, the Lord called him back to Haiti to expand the gospel in his home country.

Today, Pastor Jean is leading Hope Church located in Fonds Parisien, Haiti, and our pastoral training that is equipping 15 other pastors to plant their own churches and ministries in different villages throughout the country.

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You can help us reach villages with the gospel by giving to Hope Church or supporting a local pastor!