Golmon’s Story

During our time in Haiti in 2015, our mission team brought bags of rice and beans with us to distribute among the families in need. As we began our route to distribute the bags, we stumbled upon a tarp hung over tree limbs, the “home” of Golmon. Our team tried to squeeze inside his “home,” but only a few could fit. The floor was dirt, the walls were old tarp trash bags, and his bed was a slab of wood.

As we began to take in our surroundings, our new friend began to share his story with us. He had been in a motorcycle accident where he was severely injured and broke his leg. The little money he had was used to pay his hospital bill. With such little medical care in Haiti, his leg was still broken and He physically was unable to work. Amidst the accident, Golmon expressed how devastated he was that his wife left him for another man and left him with their children who he struggled to care for. The children slept on the dirt floor and were rarely getting fed. He had been praying for food for days when our team arrived at his “door” with beans and rice. He hugged us and was so thankful for the food we had brought him.
The following morning, when we woke up, Golmon was at the doorstep at the orphanage with a pile of coconuts as a gift for us. He had climbed a coconut tree that morning to bring them to us. The thing about Golmon that impressed our team the most was his greatfulness. He was so grateful for a small bag of food that he had climbed a tree with his broken leg to give us the little that he did have in return. Our friendship with Golmon grew. He took us on a hike, taught us how to fish, and showed us how to plant fruit trees.

Early this year, We received the news that Golmon was contemplating giving up his daughter, Catsy, because he was at a point of desperation to care for her and the rest of his family. As our hearts broke for our sweet friend and his daughter that we had developed a relationship with, we knew as an organization that we needed to provide a way to prevent Catsy from becoming an orphan. One of our team members, Bradley Smiling was so touched by meeting Golmon in 2015, He ran a marathon raising support for Golmon’s family and fully funded the construction to build Golmon a new home for all of his family to stay together.
In June, our With All My Heart mission team traveled to Haiti to impact the lives of the families living in the village. We began to see a need to expand our efforts beyond orphan care, and additionally to offer ways to keep children in their own families. Orphan Prevention projects would prevent children from becoming orphans by equipping their families to meet their own needs. Building Golmon’s family a home would become the first Orphan Prevention project that we would take on.
Our mission team spent day after day in the Haiti summer heat carrying cinder blocks, stirring concrete by hand, and building a home from the foundation to completion. Right by their side from morning to night was Golmon eagerly working just as hard.

building home       Golden Building

team working       team building home


The construction site became the scene in the village, children would gather around just to observe what was going on and of course to get hugs.



girl on construction site       Rachel with girl


By the third day, with the help of the whole team, the house was completed! Golmon was able to move in to his new home, with bunkbeds, soft bedding, a shelf of food, and clothes washing area. The man who had touched our lives so drastically the year before with his gratefulness, pierced our hearts again. He took a moment to hug all 28 of our team members as he pridefully looked on at his brand new home. He shared his gratitude to the Lord and to our team for his new home.

“I was living in humiliation unable to care for my own children, but I want to thank you for lifting me out of my humiliation and for showing me the love of God. I can never repay you for what you have done for me and my family, but will pray everyday that God will repay you”

team pic  Golden speaking   Golden hugging April
Our hearts were so moved to see the Lord provide Golmon’s family a home: A home where his family could now thrive as a family. A home of togetherness and cheer. A home where his children now have their own bed to sleep on, and He can rest knowing that the Lord cares for him and will always provide for His needs.