The Gift of Medicine


It was another day and another trip to the village where we were greeted my some familiar faces. When we hiked our way through the gravel trail and finally reached our destination, we noticed a young father standing in front of his home. He had a crying toddler running around his porch but most noticeably, he had a baby in his arms that was covered in soars. The whelps and soars all over his body could be seen even from a distance away. He’s baby was very weak and overheated.



Once we got closer to the father, we realized we had met him before, well not technically, but we definitely remembered his face from when we had visited his village on another day. A year prior, we were sharing the gospel with the people living in his village for the first time and there was one man in particular that stood out to us. His body language was very cold. His eyes were red and deep. He would walk around our group from a distance with a machete in his hand. We could tell he was fearful of us and his actions made us fearful of him. But this year, instead of a machete in his hand, he had his sick baby, and instead of fearing us, he desperately needed us.

Our doctor team was very quick to check the soars on the baby’s body and diagnose him. Father, Titus traveled with us back to the orphanage where we stocked him up on medication and taught him the proper procedures to keep his baby from getting this sick again. Today, we celebrate another healthy baby through the gift of medicine!



The truth is 10% of all children in the areas that we work die before the age of 5 from diseases that we have medicine to treat. Medicine is a tool we use to meet immediate needs of children and it opens the door allowing us to share the love of Christ with them and their family. Most of the children that we provide medicine for are babies. A mixture of sickness, lack of nourishment, and the hot Haiti heat creates more opportunities for diseases in infants. Rescuing and saving the lives of children is the highest priority of our organization and our medicine fund allows us to continue to save lives and help families like Titus’s.