Feeding Program

We Are Feeding Children Daily

One-third of  children living in the communities we serve are anemic and live hungry every single day.

In our village where everyday is a struggle to survive and malnourishment is the leading cause of death, we believe providing food for the children is a top priority. The With All My Heart Foundation’s Feeding Program feeds over 1000 vulnerable children every day. Each meal is packed with the daily nutrients each child needs to be nourished back to health and maintain proper nutrition.

School Partnership

Our feeding program is in partnership with local christian schools. Together, we  are able to provide food for children that are suffering from hunger. Nutritious meals allow children to regain their health, perform well in school, and grow to be the children that they were called to be.

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Our Chicken Farm

We believe in sustainability! Everyday the country of Haiti imports over 1 million eggs from the Dominican Republic. Our chicken farming project allows us to provide food for the children while helping the local Haitian economy by sustaining our work in country.


Every day a chicken lays an egg and provides a meal for a child. A meal full of protein. All of our 1,000 chickens on the farm produce eggs for 18 months.


All of the extra eggs that the chickens lay are sold to local families at an affordable price. We save the profit made from the extra eggs sold to purchase 1,000 more chickens when ours stop laying eggs.


The children in school visit our chicken farming site and are taught how to raise chickens. Our hope is that they will use this skill to raise food at home and help feed their own families. 

Your help matters!

When you give to the With All My Heart Feeding Program, you are providing a meal for a malnourished child and providing a way for their body to be restored.