Hope Village

Hope Village

Hope Village is a community that is keeping families together by providing aid and resources for families in a desperate place.

Orphan Prevention

The With All My Heart Foundation works in three of the highest needs villages in Haiti to support, provide aid, and create jobs for families in a desperate place. When poverty stricken families are having to make the devastating decision to abandon their child that they cannot care for, we are able to step in and help these families with food, medical help, or a place to live preventing parents from abandoning their own children that they love. We call this process “orphan prevention.”

In 2020, the With All My Heart Foundation will begin the development of our own Hope Village by building homes for 10 homeless families. The children living in Hope Village will receive an education at the local school, daily meals through our chicken farm, and will get to experience the love of Jesus through our local church.


An Education

Every child living in our home receives the opportunity to attend school and get an education. An education will allow each child to chase their dreams and ultimately provide for their own children one day.


Medical Care

It is common in poverty stricken communities for children to suffer from viruses and diseases. We provide medical care for the children that are in need of medical attention including procedures, vitamins, and medicines needing to keep the children healthy.